Welcome to the Athlete Academy

The Athlete Academy is an academic and athletic training center for student athletes who are committed to excelling both in the classroom and at their chosen sport. At Athlete Academy, we take an individualized and tailored approach for each student athlete by using accredited academics and industry leading sports thought leadership. To ensure that our student-athletes have a remarkable experience, our staff has created a safe, positive, competitive and family-like  environment that allows our students athletes to reach their maximum potential. As our student athlete pursue their maximum potential, our staff goes above and beyond for each student by taking the time to get to know each student on a personal level so that our staff understands our student athlete’s expectations and aspirations. By coupling a new way of learning with in traditional class setting, cutting edge training, and a one of a kind environment. The Athlete Academy is proud to be setting the gold standard as we help our student athletes achieve their academic, athletic, and personal goals.

Our Athletes

At the Athlete Academy we welcome all student athletes regardless of which travel team you play for! Student-Athletes from 6th - 12th grade as well as players out of highschool playing u18 or Juniors hockey that are taking college courses are welcome.


The Complete Athlete Approach

At the Athlete Academy, we believe that academics and personal development are equally as important as athletic development. Therefore, we take great pride in our three pronged approach to creating the the complete athlete:



At the Athlete Academy, we believe that academics and academic success is  equally as important as athletic success. Thus, here at the Athlete Academy we have  developed a unique learning environment that provides our students with every opportunity possible to be successful in the classroom. Over the years, our faculty has refined our learning program with the understanding that everyone learns differently, and that student's do not do well within lecture based classroom. Therefore, our faculty and teachers have created a hybrid schooling environment where our student athletes can complete assignments on their preferred online platform, while still having structure and a teacher in the classroom to help them when needed. Our experienced teachers assist every student and their family in picking an online platform that works best for them in the event their local school does not offer an online platform already. By structuring our academic model in this way, our staff is able to help all of our student athletes stay on track with their academics, while dissolving the prohibitive time restraints of a traditional brick and mortar school to allow your child to train to the next level without sacrificing their education! LEARN MORE

Personal Development


In addition to academics and athletic growth, we believe that personal development is also very important in creating the complete athlete. Therefore, as part of our curriculum student athletes will learn and participate in  life skill exercises that teach critical thinking, problem solving, time management, communication, teamwork, accountability, responsibility, interviewing, balancing a check book, and much more. Additionally, our student athletes will have the ability to attend both in person and virtual mentorship sessions so they can learn from others who are now industry leaders, but once walked in their same shoes. In teaching our student athletes these life skills, our goal is to ensure that when our student athletes depart from the four walls of our complex, that they are prepared for anything life may throw at them! LEARN MORE

Athletic Training


The Athlete Academy is not only a high-level academic institution but is also an industry leader in training across all sports. With more than 150 years of combined experience, the Athlete Academy offers a unique and unmatched opportunity to learn and train with the best coaches and athletes in North America. For those student athletes that are serious about taking their talents to the next level, regardless of what team they are on, this is the place for you. In today’s ultra competitive environment, our staff understands better than anyone the importance that not all athletes are the same, and therefore, we offer a tailored development plan for each athlete to ensure they are maximizing their potential. To help our student athletes achieve their maximum potential our coaches conduct instructional training, video training, player mentorship, player recovery, and weight training in partnership with Prosper Athlete, our training partner. At the Athlete Academy, it is our staffs goal to ensure that our student-athletes obtain their goals! LEARN MORE

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