Athletic Overview

At the Athlete Academy we are committed to helping our student athletes achieve their athletic aspirations regardless of their chosen sport. Therefore, our athletic training programs provide a unique experience that allows our student athletes to develop and improve their athletic abilities during normal school hours within a safe, competitive, and fun environment. In doing so, our student athletes will attend regular scheduled class time with our academic staff, and then, twice a day student athletes will engage in sports specific training that will help them develop and improve their craft. Our proven model has assisted in our athletes to reaching new heights within their sport, and we are proud to have played a part in helping them achieve their goals.

Sports Specific Training

At the Athlete Academy we offer sports specific training to those athletes that are serious about improving their game. Due to our unique school schedule and onsite amenities, our students are able to enhance their skills daily by learning from one of our exceptional coaches. In addition, our athletes receive sport specific weight training, recovery training, and more from our gym partner, Prosper Athlete, which is conveniently located within our facility.

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Exceptional Coaching

The Athlete Academy has a proud tradition of hiring exceptional coaches whose backgrounds provide incredible instruction for our developing student athletes at all ages and skill levels. Our coaches bring a wide variety of skills and life experiences to help their student athletes achieve outstanding results, and grow within their sport. 

Mentorship Coaching

The Athlete Academy takes pride in ensuring that our student athletes are well rounded and have the opportunity to learn from those that have once been in their shoes. Therefore, our athletes have the ability to attend both in person and online leadership and guest speaker sessions throughout the school year.

Health & Wellness

Our Student Athlete’s Health and Wellbeing is our top priority. To ensure that our student athletes are always healthy on all fronts, our student athletes will be observed daily to ensure they are doing well. Additionally, the Athlete Academy is proud to have partnered with Concussion Free Zone, a product and service that is helping athletes at all age baseline and recover properly from brain related injuries sustained in sports.

Additional Training

At the Athlete Academy it is very important to us that our student-athletes receive the highest level of training during the the non-school months. Therefore, we have partnered with a number of industry leaders to ensure our athletes stay on track!

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