Academics at Athlete Academy

At the Athlete Academy we take great pride in ensuring that our student athletes are not only the best athletes but also the best students. Our staff understands that academics are as equally important as athletics, and therefore, has perfected the hybrid learning model that dissolves the prohibitive time restraints of a traditional brick and mortar schooling while delivering the same level quality education found in a traditional brick and mortar schools. Within our hybrid learning model, our educators have created a safe, structured and fun environment, while providing a tailored learning plan for each student as our staff understands that no two students learn exactly alike. By assisting our students with their academic journey, our staff is proud to say that all of our students are prepared for their next chapter of higher education.

Our Approach

Our education staff understands that our student athletes need high level academics and a structured learning environment while having the flexibility within their learning platform to do work at different times of the day or outside of the classroom. Therefore, no different than all colleges or universities, our students use an online learning platform to complete their academics, while having the ability to connect and learn from an in person educator. Our educators will help our students stay on track with their course work, keep parents and coaches informed, and ensure that the student’s customized learning plan is right for them.

Academic Support

The Athlete Academy is committed to ensuring the academic advancement of each student. In order to achieve this goal, our experienced educators will work alongside each student to ensure that they are grasping the subjects they are learning on their online platform, while providing help with course work when needed. In addition, our educators help our students stay on track with their course work as well as keep parents and coaches informed along the way. *Parents will have access to the students online platform where they can see progress reports on how their child is progressing.

The Classroom

The classroom setting is one that is designed to provide the tools and environment for students to thrive. Our classroom(s) have a traditional set up with desks, whiteboards, and more. Each classroom will have a teacher in it so that our students can receive assistance in real time. See our academic FAQs below for more information regarding the classroom.

Platform Selection

Our staff specializes in understanding that each student is unique and a customized approach to learning is critical, and therefore, our staff assist every student and their family in choosing the online platform that works best for them.

  • All of the Athlete Academy recommended online school platforms are NCAA & COGNIA Compliant.

Step 1

Schedule a visit

Step 2

Meet with a staff member to discuss your child’s academic plan

Step 3

Select the platform that is right for your child

Step 4

Start Learning!

International Students

The Athlete Academy welcomes all international students. Please contact for more information.

Personal Development

At the Athlete Academy we believe that building a well rounded student athlete is very important. In order to help our student athletes continue developing as well rounded individuals, we will be teaching our students  life skill exercises that teach critical thinking, problem solving, time management, communication, teamwork, accountability, responsibility, interviewing, balancing a check book, and much more.

Student Athlete’s Commitment

At the Athlete Academy, our staff is committed to our students. In return our staff ask that our student athletes are equally committed to their academics. Given that our Student athletes will be provided the support needed to succeed, it is expected that our students complete their course work on time and manage their time accordingly to do so.

Daily Schedule

Our Daily Schedule has been created to ensure the right balance of academics, athletics and personal development!

* Schedule is for example purposes only and is subject to change. However, Hours of Operation are between 8am and 5:30pm












Sport Specific Training



Sport Specific Training


Academic FAQs

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